Keegan Damron was born and raised just South of Griffith, Indiana on a rural road in unincorporated New Elliot. The son of a nurse and a steel worker, he is cut from the cloth of the working class. From a young age, Keegan has shown interest in effecting the world around him. A life of music, art, and sports has taught him that there is nothing he and others cannot achieve if they try. Inspired by the grass-roots movements of the modern political era, Keegan has come to see that his energy and drive to make positive change is best used in political office. Keegan has had a lifelong obsession with history and politics that has followed him, even into the workforce. Keegan and his partner, Melissa, have been able to purchase a home and thrive in the Town of Cedar Lake since 2015. His tireless effort towards his goals has resulted in many fruitful endeavors even outside of his work life. He is a 29 year-old prospective Representative ready to take on the Statehouse and make a name for himself with his District.

“District 11 is growing and we need to better represent, not only those people, but Indiana as a whole.

Let’s grow Indiana”

–Keegan Damron  

“I’m tired of being told if I don’t like how things go, that I need to do something about it. Well here I am!” 

-Keegan Damron 

“I’m not here to make money, or raise my own profile. I’m here to represent the people

and give them a voice where they feel they have none”

–Keegan Damron



Raising The Minimum Wage

When I bought my house, I was a Department Manager at a grocery store where I worked my way up from a part-time stocker. I made twelve dollars an hour. It was an easy choice to take an entry level positon out of state that started at a higher wage. Many people in our district and the sate find themselves making that decision more and more often. As a result, many functions of public works across the state are not performing to fit the needs of our growing communities. I’d like to work with businesses and workers to tackle this issue, and find a way to make Indiana jobs have more competitive wages.

Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Many young men and women in our state have had their futures ruined by a system that will only worsen our years to come. The Statehouse and Governor continue to perpetuate archaic laws set in place to tell educated adults what they can and can’t do in their spare time.  Our neighboring states continue to put a stop to anti-freedom policies, and if you vote for me, we will too.  Law Makers and their criminal acts, refusing to listen to the overwhelming majority of Americans against mass incarceration, spurred by prohibition, is unjust. I want to do whatever is necessary to make sure the Will of the People is heard on this issue, and join the majority in the United States. We must end the failed policy, War on Drugs, that has only served to take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

Redistricting In 2020

In 2020 there will be a census, and as a result districts will be redrawn. The glaring feature to me when I decided to undertake this campaign was looking at the size of district 11. It seems to me that the needs and issues affecting the areas inside of it are very different. As a newcomer to the Statehouse I have no vested interest in keeping the district(s) the same. I will work with the communities and their leaders to make sure that when districts are redrawn that their interest alone are at the forefront of any discussion. We need someone new, who has the interest of the future generations of these budding communities in District 11 in mind when drafting them.

Gun Rights

I believe there are other modes of controlling gun violence other than taking things from people. I am from a family of hunters and gun enthusiasts who taught me to respect them as tools and to handle a weapon responsibly. I do believe we need to put under a microscope the procedures that go into gun ownership, and make sure that if what is in place is responsible we are not needlessly taking anything from anyone. While I do not relish in the violence and tragedy that have reared their head in recent years, in no scenario do I feel comfortable with state employees or laws confiscating ANYTHING from tax payers and law-abiding individuals. I want to work with my fellow representatives and advocates from both sides to comprehensively understand the laws around gun-ownership and make sure that we minimize any chance of needless loss of life.

Healthcare Reform

The system we have across this nation of applying the profit-motive to people’s well-being ensures that there will be people who will not receive the human right that is healthcare. In the richest country on the planet it is absolutely absurd that we cannot make sure that when someone is sick, they go to the doctor. I’m idealistically in favor of Medicare For All system, but I will support ANY and ALL legislation that I am privileged enough to support that makes sure MORE people have the opportunity to get the medical care that they need. Making sure that the EVERYONE is healthy and has the knowledge that having a health event isn’t going to leave them bankrupt or in debt to a predatory industry that will use their misfortune to line their pockets.

Climate Change

It is undeniable that the ecosystem of our entire planet is changing. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, and more intense. As a nation we need to be leading the charge for infrastructure to be put into place that relinquishes our dependency on fossil fuels. More efficient transit systems, more renewable energy options, subsidies for people who can produce excess energy from private wind and solar energy sources on their property that goes to the community; are ways of ensuring we have a cleaner more prosperous future, not only for the greater good of the planet but for the people who inhabit it. Regulations on pollution should be incentivized not stigmatized as they have been by fining or increasing taxes on the everyday person. It is the corporations and the industries that pollute, who make up the majority of damaging effects on the environment, and the power they wield in the political system nationwide is flexed when the burden of funding the measures to counteract their pollution and negligence is relegated to the taxpayers. I want to make sure that District 11 and all of Indiana is the gold standard for implementing and making more sustainable and cleaner energies available and affordable.



Keegan is always available to answer any and all questions through his Email!